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Spot & Projection Welding

From small bench styles to large floor style resistance welders, our machines are sized for the application and built to the highest standards.

Seam Welders

Whether you need a Circular, Longitudinal, or Universal Seam Welder, TWT delivers high performance and efficient welders with a wide range of welding techniques to join any configuration.

Flash Welders

Designed to produce a forge-type butt welds, Flash welding is typically used to join the ends of rods, bars, strips, rings, tubes, forgings and fittings. These welders are very versatile and, with properly designed tooling, may be used for many metal joining applications.

Welder Rebuilds/Upgrades

TWT offers a unique rebuild service by restoring ANY manufacturer’s Resistance Welder to brand new condition. We provide a quality rebuilds guaranteed to meet or exceed the original performance requirements.

Research & Development (R&D)

Schedule lab time to improve part quality, quantify existing welding and/or heat treatment processes, create reliable parts production expectations, and establish machine performance criterion.

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